Judd Dunning

• Political Author
• Talk Radio Host
• Columnist


Patrick Wood

• Founder of Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS)

• Economist


John R. Lott

• World-Recognized Expert on Guns and Crime

• Economist


Kenneth Rapoza

• Industry Analyst from the Coalition for a Prosperous America

• China Expert


Encounter Books Authors

• Encounter Books

• Bestselling Authors on Today’s Hot Topics

• www.encounterbooks.com



Brigitte Gabriel

• NY Times Best-selling Author

• Leading Expert on Global Islamic Terrorism


Daniel Greenfield

• FrontPageMag Reporter

• Expert on Islamic Terrorism and Israel

• Investigative Journalist


James Hirsen

• Hollywood and Cultural Reporter

• Law Professor/Legal Analyst

• NY Times Best-selling Author


David Horowitz

• Founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

• Political Pundit

• New York Times Bestselling Author


Sally Pipes

• CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

• Leading Expert Health Care


Lowell Ponte

• Author

• Political Pundit

• Radio Talk Show Host

Mark Tapson

• Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

• Political Pundit

• Editor of TruthRevolt.org

Steve Turley

• Scholar & Speaker

• YouTube Celebrity