Judd Dunning• Political Author
• Talk Radio Host
• Columnist


Wood• Founder of Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS)



Lott• World-Recognized Expert on Guns and Crime



Rapoza• Industry Analyst from the Coalition for a Prosperous America

• China Expert


EncounterEncounter Books

Bestselling Authors on Today’s Hot Topics




Brigitte Gabriel NY Times Best-selling Author

Leading Expert on Global Islamic Terrorism


greenfield• FrontPageMag Reporter

Expert on Islamic Terrorism and Israel

Investigative Journalist


Dr James HirsenHollywood and Cultural Reporter

Law Professor/Legal Analyst

NY Times Best-selling Author


horowitz• Founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Political Pundit

New York Times Bestselling Author


Sally Pipes CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Leading Expert Health Care


Ponte• Author

• Political Pundit

• Radio Talk Show Host

tapson• Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Political Pundit

Editor of TruthRevolt.org

Turley• Scholar & Speaker

YouTube Celebrity