Davidson• Former FBI Agent

President of ProtecttheFBI.org

On the Board of Digital Retail Apps


Mr. Davidson is a former FBI agent of 23 years and a CPA. He spent most his career investigating violent and organized crime in Los Angeles, and served in Ukraine, Israel, and FBI headquarters.


Mr. Davidson is an expert in celebrity stalking as well as kidnap risk mitigation. In 2007, Mr. Davidson was part of a team of investigators and prosecutors that won a prestigious DOJ award in connection with the conviction of multiple defendants of a Russian organized kidnapping and murder ring.


In addition to his responsibilities as President of Protect the FBI, a non-partisan organization whose mission is to safeguard the FBI and U.S. Intelligence Community from partisan politics, Mr. Davidson serves as a board member and advisor to the CEO of Digital Retail Apps, Inc., a Toronto-based technology company.


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