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Christian Toto is a Conservative award-winning journalist, film critic, podcaster and talk radio show host. He brings 20+ years’ experience covering Hollywood, including time overseeing the entertainment wing at Breitbart News. He’s contributed to National Review,, PJ Media, The Daily Caller, Human Events and more.


Christian has written local news and feature stories at The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for the entertainment section and emerged as one of The Washington Times’ regular film critics, reviewing movies and interviewing A-list talent like Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Spacey. Major media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today and The New York Daily News have shared his views on the latest entertainment news.


Christian does weekly film reviews for WTOP-FM, Washington, D.C.’s largest all-news radio station and has appeared on Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller and Mike Gallagher’s radio shows. He currently co-hosts two weekly, hour-long shows on Denver stations KOA and KHOW. He can be heard each week on “Mike Rosen at the Movies” and “The Michael Brown Show.” He regularly appears on NRA-TV as well as WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” program in Washington, D.C.


Christian hosts the Hollywood in Toto podcast, a weekly program featuring interviews with celebrities like Brad Thor, Jeff Foxworthy, Nick Searcy and Jimmie Walker. It’s the only dedicated entertainment news site for conservatives that offers a hearty defense of pro-freedom values.


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