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Dick Morris is, to this day, one of the most well-known and recognizable political analysts in the world. Dick served as Bill Clinton’s political consultant for twenty years. Formerly a regular political commentator on Fox News and other networks, he is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers (all with his wife, Eileen McGann). Their almost daily columns circulate by e-mail to 500,000 people and hundreds of thousands more read them on dickmorris.com. He now produces a daily video on his site, seen by over 140,000 separate people each week with a history lesson every Saturday.


Their books have been prescient. In Outrage, they predicted the collapse of Fannie Mae. In Fleeced, they foresaw the stock market crash of 2008. In Catastrophe, they warned that Obama’s stimulus package would not work. In 2010: Take Back America, they predicted a 60-80 seat gain in the House. In Screwed, they predicted the disaster that Obamacare has become. Their latest book is Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation. Their other best sellers include: Off with Their Heads about the war on terror and Rewriting History and Because He Could – biographies of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Morris’s first bestseller was Behind the Oval Office – his memoir about the Clinton years. His other books are: Power Plays, Vote.com, The New Prince, and Bum Rap on American Cities which he wrote in the ‘70s.


Dick’s new book, Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump, is A GROUNDBREAKING EXPOSE THAT UNCOVERS THE FACTS BEHIND THE ALLEGATIONS OF FOREIGN MEDDLING IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. A clandestine war is being waged against the Trump administration by rogue elements of the intelligence community, with the collusion of the media and liberal establishment. It amounts to an intelligence coup against the Trump presidency.


In his book, Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, he writes about America’s Armageddon—the ultimate and decisive battle to save America, a fight to defeat Hillary Clinton and the forces seeking to flout our constitutional government and replace it with an all-powerful president backed up by an activist judiciary that answers to no one.


Probably the most prominent American political consultant, Dick Morris is almost universally credited with piloting Bill Clinton to a stunning comeback re-election victory in 1996 after the president lost Congress to the Republicans two years before. Called “the most influential private citizen in America” by Time Magazine, Morris steered Clinton back toward the center and was a key player in the Clinton Administration initiatives that balanced the budget, cut taxes and reformed welfare.


Morris began his relationship with Clinton in 1977 when he handled the Arkansas Attorney General’s successful campaign to become the youngest Governor in the nation. Morris did not work on Clinton’s defeat for re-election in 1980 but did oversee his comeback victory in 1982 as well as his Arkansas re-election victories in 1984, 1986 and 1990.


Domestically, Morris has handled the winning campaigns of more than thirty senators and governors. Internationally, he has piloted the successful campaigns of the president or prime minister of twelve foreign countries including Mexico (twice), Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Kenya, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Guyana, Taiwan and Japan. [more…]


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