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The Last Days of New York By Seth Barron

We Will Not Be Silenced By Erwin Lutzer (#2 in Christian books on Amazon)

The Enemy Within By David Horowitz (#3 in politics on Amazon)

Socialists Don’t Sleep By Cheryl Chumley (#2 in religion on Amazon)

Disloyal Opposition By Julie Kelly

Blitz By David Horowitz (New York Times, WSJ, USA Today bestsellers)

The Breakdown of Higher Education By John M. Ellis

False Premise, False Promise By Sally Pipes

Love & Life By Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Why Meadow Died By Andrew Pollack

and many more



The redoubtable Sandy Frazier has handled media relations – radio and TV – for me for years, and played an important role in the success of my recent books – “Blitz” and “Dark Agenda” – which collectively sold over 400,000 copies and were 21 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, although otherwise ignored by the mainstream press.

David Horowitz


Sandy Frazier is thoroughly professional and a queen of the quick response.

Michael Medved


Sandy was with me from the beginning and is responsible for my success in getting into the media, especially talk radio. She booked hundreds, if not thousands, of media appearances for me over the years. SandyPR was one of the wisest investments that I’ve made.

Ryan Mauro, The Clarion Project


Radio and social media book jumped 600,000 spots on Amazon sales rankings overnight (literally).

Bernard Whitman, 52 Reasons to Vote for Obama


Sandy Frazier not only books shows, she knows the shows. She knows the producer, the host, and the station. She knows who to book and when they have their best audiences. She knows radio inside and out and knows talk television as well. She is efficient and pro-active. I’d use her in a political campaign and certainly on my own book tours!

Dick Morris, www.DickMorris.com


Sandy Frazier of SandyPR.com has been my publicist for many years – through two Amazon best-selling books and over 5,000 media interviews. Yes, I said 5,000! She introduced me to the nationally syndicated “Bill Cunningham Show.” I’m now a regular guest. She introduced me to the nationally syndicated “Big Biz Show.” I’m now a weekly guest. She introduced me to host “Sully” Sullivan at KOGO, San Diego. I’m now a weekly guest. She introduced me to “The Washington Times Radio Show.” I’m now a regular guest. She introduced me to the nationally syndicated “Thom Hartmann Show.” I’m now a frequent guest.

She introduced me to the nationally syndicated “Rita Cosby Show.” I’m now a regular guest. She introduced me to the nationally syndicated “Jerry Doyle Show.” I’m now a frequent guest and occasional guest host. She introduced me to Fox News Channel. I’ve been a guest many times on Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Greta, Cavuto, Fox & Friends, and Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano. The list goes on and on.

I do 20 to 30 interviews per week… almost all repeats introduced by Sandy. I’ve guest-hosted for national radio shows like G. Gordon Liddy, Larry Elder, Jerry Doyle, and CBS Radio in Las Vegas – and Sandy provides me with many of my guests. Sandy is the best publicist in the W-O-R-L-D. Period. I love her.

Thanks Sandy for all you do for me to help spread my opinions, commentaries and ROOT RANTS!

Wayne Allyn Root, www.Root4America.com


Sandy Frazier is a one woman Madison Avenue and represents powerful public relations. She books more television shows in a day than some of the most famous firms do in a month.

Doug Wead, Presidential Historian, Author of All the Presidents’ Children


Even the best publicists can’t “guarantee” they will “deliver” anything when they take on a project. Sandy, however, is in a league of her own. I guarantee you she will deliver because she has proven that she won’t quit until she does. She is connected, tenacious, and knows how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. That’s the kind of publicist I want in my corner.

NY Times Bestselling Author, Eric Blehm,www.ericblehm.com


The components Sandy Frazier brings to the table are rare to find in one person.  She is extremely pleasant to work with, very responsive, media savvy – and she delivers results.  I’m happy to be able to unequivocally recommend her.

Robert Ringer, author of “Restoring the American Dream”


Sandy Frazier is not only a joy to work with, she is a true professional! Her work ethic, customer service, people skills and sense of urgency are the traits I look for when interviewing people to work for EMS. Sandy has tremendous radio talk show contacts and works every angle to set up guest opportunities for her clients! She was very successful with the likes of Barry Farber, Dennis Miller, Pat Snyder, Chuck Wilder and Tron Simpson to name a few, plus Fox’s Varney and Company! Actually the best testimonial I can provide is that I am signing up for more.

–David Bego, The Devil at My Doorstep


Sandy is a phenomenal person and publicist.  She is bright, organized, articulate and a great mentor and coach for those of us who concentrate on our fields of expertise and are not schooled in the world of PR.  I have found Sandy to be very helpful to me in all aspects of the PR process, from early discussions and planning, to detailed campaign plans and kickoff, to day-to-day execution with a crowded calendar filled with TV and Talk Radio interviews.  Sandy is a seaoned professional.  I’m very happy with Sandy’s work.  Importantly, I’m very happy to work with Sandy on a daily basis.  She’s very easy to work with.

Gerard Francis Lameiro, Ph.D.


Working with the highly talented Sandy Frazier has been a pleasure. She is energetic about booking appearances, flexible in approach, and has a winning team attitude. Sandy responds positively to suggestions and willingly bounces ideas off me. She is thorough in follow-up and always maintains a high degree of commitment to the project and enthusiasm for success. Sandy is one of those rare individuals who takes a goal and runs to achieve it and who brings high energy and intensity to the team. One of her distinguishing characteristics is availability. She is quick to respond to needs and suggestions, and appears indefatigable in her quest to get the task done. I recommend engaging Sandy for all of your publicity requirements. You will be glad you did.

Col. Gordon Cucullu, Author of “Inside Gitmo”


Sandy Frazier is one of the most energetic and effective publicists out there. She is wholly dedicated to her clients and superb to work with in every way.

Rita Cosby, TV Host & Bestselling Author


Sandy Frazier is the real deal. She promoted my book in an extraordinary fashion. Not only are you in the best hands, but you also feel like you have the backing of a best friend who truly has your best interests at heart. She’s a real pleasure to work with. A top-notch expert and a top-notch person.

–Jamie Glazov, Author of “United in Hate”

Richard Miniter: SandyPR.com on the power of talk radio to influence book sales:

The Talk-O-Sphere: Why the Empire is Striking Back with the Fairness Doctrine


Sandy Frazier is a public relations maven who specializes in pushing books to talk radio hosts. “Oh my God! It’s my whole life!” she exclaims, explaining that she has been promoting books for almost a decade. “There is more potential for raising book sales on talk radio than any other media, including cable TV,” she said, “unless your name is Oprah.” She cited one sleeper book, An Enormous Crime, about American POWs left behind in Indochina that debuted at number 34 on The New York Tines best-seller list—without a single TV mention or review in a major publication. “It was all radio,” she said.

Sandy Frazier took a book with no promotional budget from the publisher – St. Martin’s Press – and within eight days got it on the New York Times Best Seller List! Anyone who doesn’t hire Sandy is making a huge mistake: she knows how to sell and market in this new media age.

Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier, www.enormouscrime.com


SandyPR is the best. They booked hundreds of shows for our author that helped the book debut #2 on the New York Times bestseller list in its first week. Professional, flexible, and always eager, they were terrific to work with and I would highly recommend SandyPR.

–Campbell Wharton, Associate Director of Publicity, Crown Forum at Random House


Sandy Frazier is a pleasure to work with and a real pro. She was a terrific resource for us on the book campaign for Outrage by Dick Morris.

–Suzanne Wickham, Director of Publicity, HarperCollins Publishers


Sandy Frazier arranged radio and TV interviews for me as Chief Washington correspondent of NewsMax.com. She is well plugged into the media, has a good news sense, and is a pleasure to work with. Most of all, she gets results!

–Ronald Kessler, www.RonaldKessler.com


In the first month of signing up with Sandy, she had me going like a whirlwind from morning to night, on radio and TV shows (sometimes 6-8 shows a day). She is so easy to deal with and I already feel like I have known her for a long time. I would recommend her highly to anyone that is looking to promote themselves, their book or movie or their golden retriever. LOL.

–Vito Colucci, Jr., www.coluccipi.com

Inside the Private Eyes of a PI


The main ingredient in the success of selling a product whether it is a book, a service, or a personality is publicity. The publicist is the engine that launches a brand and maintains that brand in the public eye. He/she is the propeller of your speed and success in reaching your end goal. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Sandy Frazier as my publicist. I highly endorse and recommend her.

Brigitte Gabriel, Act! for America


In a word, Sandy Frazier is ‘amazing.’ It’s no wonder she represents some of the top-billed names in the business. Sandy is personable, creative, organized, always accessible, able to deliver, and – if necessary – can turn things around on a moment’s notice. What’s more, she has a passion for her work that is evidenced by her matchless efficiency and solid productivity. Having worked with a number of publicists over the years, I don’t say these things lightly.

W. Thomas Smith, Jr., FamilySecurityMatters.org


Wow! I’ve worked with dozens of respected Public Relations professionals over the years but never met such a firecracker as Sandy Frazier, PR representative for NewsMax. She helped me with publicity for my book THE UNTOLD STORY: My 20 Years Running the National Enquirer and got me interviewed on so many radio stations in such a short time, I had to beg her to slow down! She is fun, professional, fast and really talented. NewsMax is such a great hit because they have so many wonderful people like Sandy. 

–Iain Calder, former Editor and President of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER


I’m confining my praise to what I view as [Sandy’s] unique qualification – and that is getting the job done with joy and frictionless elan regardless of the nature, dimension, or thanklessness of the assignment.

Barry Farber, Radio Talk Show Host Legend


I have had the great honor and privilege of working with Sandy for at least seven years where Sandy booked me on countless radio and television shows. Sandy has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She is a total professional who will take a call at 11:00 PM if that will help one of her people get an interview done. She will – and always has – gone that extra mile to make a project work. She is creative in how she places interviews – and if you call radio and television producers, they will tell you they were always happy with Sandy and the clients she delivered for interviews. In sum, I could not recommend anyone more highly than I do Sandy Frazier.

 —Fmr. Congressman, John LeBoutillier (NY)


I’m a huge fan of Sandy Frazier. She is the PR gal extraordinaire! My book “Millionaire Republican” hit #1 on the Amazon Personal Finance Best-Seller list thanks to Sandy. My book also hit #20 of all books on Amazon. It was Sandy’s hard work, persistence and nonstop promotion that pushed my book every step of the way. Her efforts resulted in dozens of primetime TV and radio bookings- including Michael Reagan, Michael Medved, Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, ABC Radio’s Moneytalk with Bob Brinker, and multiple Fox News Channel bookings. As an author, I will not do any future book tours without Sandy by my side.

 —Wayne Allyn Root, Best-Selling Author, Millionaire Republican

Libertarian VP Nominee


Sandy, just wanted to say thanks for all you did for me this year. From Bill Maher’s “PI” to “The O’Reilly Factor” – I never imagined I’d ever get that far. But I did, thanks to your efforts.

 Carl Limbacher, Author of NY Times Best-Seller, Hillary’s Scheme


Sandy Frazier handles booking on radio for me and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all radio talk shows in the U.S. and a close relationship with them. For many years, she has been the person who spoon-feeds them info from News Max. She is now going out on her own and is a very, very valuable possible find for you in promoting your books.

–Dick Morris, www.DickMorris.com


They don’t get any better than Sandy Frazier. She gets results because she specializes in one area of public relations and does it better than anybody. She took me from nothing to being consistently busy on radio shows nationwide. You don’t have to be famous to have Sandy be effective for you, too. She knows talk radio like no one else. She’s a genuine professional who has built her business from scratch into what is probably the most powerful and effective of any in the industry. Her effectiveness for her clients is worth gold and her advice to her clients is priceless. Hire her. Heed her advice. Then hold on for a successful ride like you never expected.

Doug Johnson, www.dougjohnsononline.com


Your getting me on a lot of those radio shows and some TV shows helped my last book a lot.

 –Winston Groom, Author of 1942 and Forrest Gump


Thank you for all you are doing to promote me and my book, Hillary’s Secret War: The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists. I am really quite overwhelmed. Your publicity machine is the best I’ve ever worked with.

 Richard Poe, Bestselling Author

Within a 24-hour period, James Hirsen’s Tales from the Left Coast climbed an amazing 22,000 ranks on Amazon’s bestseller list to #20.

Limbacher’s Hillary’s Scheme Hits NY Times Best-Seller List.


I’ve heard such wonderful things about you from Richard (Poe) –I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for him and for The Seven Myths of Gun Control (book) …many thanks for all your efforts.

 –Marie Poe (Richard Poe’s wife)


I want all of you at NewsMax to be the first to know–it has just been announced that The Death of Right and Wrong will debut at #12 on the New York Times Bestseller list on May 11, 2003. I want to thank NewsMax for playing a role in helping to make that possible. After describing me as a pro-choice lesbian feminist, they then call DRW a “lurid right-wing screed…” Well, now it’s also a NYT Bestseller. Cheers… and thanks again…. Thank *you* Sandy. The success of DRW is due in great part because of your work. I will always be in your debt.

 Tammy Bruce, Author/Pundit, Radio Host


Thunder on the Left has broken through TOP 100 on Amazon List! Friends, we have done the impossible – we have gone from 1,650, 849 on the Amazon list this morning, to #80 as I write this e-mail, and we are still climbing. We have also gone up to under #700 on the Barnes and Noble listing. My hat is off to [the] staff at Newsmax.com for helping us design an Internet marketing strategy that really works!

 –Gary Aldrich, Former FBI Agent and Author of Thunder on the Left


It is this reporter’s opinion that too many of us, as we stumble through life, seeking the American dream, have a tendency to set aside those who have been our best supporters and have afforded the building blocks that formulate the individual. Forgetting perhaps that each individual is the sum and substance of all the experiences and personal contacts we have in life. Example: In my 72 years in radio and television, writing, reporting, and broadcasting, I have been privileged to know and work with the best at all levels. One of these is my dear friend, Sandra Frazier. She is one of the very best. Over the years, Sandy and I have worked together to research and compose a weekly commentary known as “One Reporter’s Opinion.” Sandy is an amazing individual. She is a genius at public relations, has contacts with the top-flight guests seen regularly on the TV screen, and, in my case, Monday through Friday, on radio. On our two hour syndicated CRN radio reports, she has secured top political figures and show business personalities. This multi-talented person really has “got it all together.” She is creative, productive, objective, and always cooperative. Her creative writing and her authorship (The Mystic Artist) speaks for itself. Sandy is a master of words. Add to this a first rate character and flawless integrity. On top of all of her literary and journalist expertise is the fact that Sandy is an accomplished musician. At the moment, Sandy is between assignments… so RUN, don’t walk… grab her while she’s available! Sandy Frazier, truly an inspiration, a joy to work with.

 George Putnam, Radio Talk Show Host Legend


There was an amusing item not long ago in the Manhattan Diary column of the New York Times. A wealthy tenant in an upscale apartment on Fifth Avenue was told by his doorman that the union had called a building workers strike and until it ended he wouldn’t be able to deliver his dry cleaning to his apartment door. “What am I supposed to do?” asked the tenant in near-panic mode. “Well,” said the doorman. “You’ll just have to go pick up your dry cleaning from the cleaners yourself.” “Oh,” said the startled tenant. “Are you allowed to do that?” Poor guy; he’d been spoiled so rotten by good service that he felt suddenly denuded of his support system. And the issue there was just dry-cleaning. Imagine how I feel after six years as a regular columnist for Newsmax.com now that Sandy’s incredibly efficient and effective services have been withdrawn! Sandy delivered, not dry cleaning, but prominent guests to my radio show from all points of the nation and the world and with Sandy you never needed Plan B. When she said the guest would be there at a given instant, like a participant in a trapeze act, the guest was there. Likewise, Sandy used her gentle strong-arm methods on my when other radio and TV producers wanted me at a certain time and place. Sandy’s range was without boundaries. Sandy is the one worker in all humanity least likely ever to say, “That’s not my job.” If a check was late she tracked it up and down. If the boss wanted me to join a group at lunch, Sandy made sure I was there on time and properly dressed. Whatever research I needed, Sandy was like a seeing-eye dog for people who can see but aren’t as good as she is in computer searches. On the same day she might book me onto a national TV show and make sure I knew the where-and-when at a party for a departing colleague. Once when Sandy arranged for me to accompany Winston Churchill’s great-grandson and Churchill’s chief pallbearer in a limo from a hotel in Times Square to a restaurant on Long Island. The limo driver faced a long wait with no visible place to find anything to eat himself. I told him, “If Sandy’s here, you’re in for a feast.” She was, and he was! Sandy knows how to negotiate with kitchen personnel at Long Island inns as well as with everybody else. I once heard a major TV executive explain over the phone why he hired a certain young woman from a bubbling pool of young interns festering for the job as his personal assistant. He explained, “She knows how to deal non-annoyingly.” Non-annoying dealing is, indeed, a rare talent. Sandy’s talent is rarer still. She routinely deals upliftingly and even enthrallingly with one and all at every level of life and work. Sandy will certainly have her own resume recapping her experience, computer skills, etc. I’m confining my praise to what I view as her unique qualification; and that is getting the job done with joy and frictionless elan regardless of the nature, dimension, or thanklessness of the assignment. Call me if you want to hear more: 212-787-2110.

 Barry Farber, Radio Talk Show Host Legend


TO ANYONE WHO MIGHT HAVE THE GOOD SENSE TO HIRE SANDY FRAZIER… I have had the great honor and privilege of working with Sandy for at least seven years at Newsmax.com, where Sandy booked me on countless radio and television shows. Sandy has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She is a total professional who will take a call at 11:00 PM if that will help one of her people get an interview done. She will – and always has – gone that extra mile to make a project work. In our seven plus years together I never heard her complain – not once! Sandy also is the most pleasant person to work with: her humor and light touch really make tight schedules and media pressures melt away. She is creative in how she places interviews – and if you call radio and television producers they will tell you they were always happy with Sandy and the clients she delivered for interviews. In sum, I could not recommend anyone more highly than I do Sandy Frazier. My cell phone number is 516-236-2598 – and I urge you to call me if you have any questions whatsoever about this wonderful lady.

 Fmr. Congressman, John LeBoutillier (NY)


There are a lot of talented people writing online these days – but only a few of them get major media exposure. Why is that? As the lead reporter and editor for seven years for NewsMax’s popular Inside Cover, I think I know the answer. The people who make it have a Sandy Frazier working day and night to help build their careers. Before Sandy took me on, I was an obscure scribbler on the Internet – calling talk radio to get his point across. In a few short years – thanks to Sandy’s efforts – I was making appearances on shows like “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity & Colmes” and “Politically Incorrect” – and was doing nationally broadcast radio interviews on a daily basis. If your media career could use that kind of boost – then the best advice I could give you is this: Call Sandy Frazier – Now!

 Carl Limbacher, Inside Cover Editor – 1999 to 2006


I just wanted to thank you for sending out my release to your lists. The response yesterday was overwhelming. In a conference call yesterday afternoon, author David Bresnahan sung your praises. He’s a big fan of yours as well. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, anytime.

–Kyle Key, Key Communication Strategies, LLC, Arlington, VA

Tuesday, July 16, 2002: Conquer the Crash Tops Best-Seller List. Conquer the Crash, a book promoted by [Sandy and NewsMax] immediately shot to No. 1 on the Wall Street Journal’s list of best-selling business books. And it’s No. 4 on Amazon.com.


Sandy has been superlative in setting up the radio and TV interviews regarding my book, The Foolish, The Feckless and The Fanatic. In just two weeks, I have had eleven interviews on radio stations all over the country and have more coming up, plus a TV appearance on Fox & Friends. Sandy is extremely organized and focused. But most importantly to me as a first time author who has not done this sort of publicity before, she has been a trusted and confidence-building advisor.

 –Joseph Klein, Author


When I spoke to Chris before he left for England I told [him] what an excellent job you do and that I enjoyed working with you. He said: “Sandy is AMAZING; I don’t know when she sleeps. She’s 24/7!”

 Dan Frisa, Fmr. Congressman (NY)


Sandy, I thank YOU for what you have done for us all! You’re the best! Sincerely,

John LeBoutillier, Fmr. Congressman (NY) (2/21/01)


Sandy, congrats [on CNN breakthrough for NewsMax]! This is all due to your hard work and perseverance! Sincerely,

John LeBoutillier, Fmr. Congressman (NY) (5/14/01)


Sandy Frazier approaches the world of public relations as an art. Her palette contains a wealth of experience, well-honed communications skills and an in-depth understanding of the media.

 Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph. D., Professor


Thank you for making today’s CNN guest appearance possible. You’re doing a great job and I really appreciate it. It was a blast to be on Talk Back Live ID’d as a Newsmax.com columnist. I’m rather proud, if I may so say, and I think the show went well. Thanks again Sandy. Cheers,

 Tammy Bruce (9/13/02)


Letter from Dick Morris to NewsMax Sales Manager:

I have a client, a trial lawyer who is litigating securities issues vs. worldcom, who would like to explore NewsMax advertising — specifically your wonder woman Sandy who has booked me into a million shows. Please let me know how it works and what it costs. Thanks,

 Dick Morris (8/1/02)


Thanks so much Sandy. I do appreciate your help! I don’t know what we’d do without you.

 –Leah M. Holcomb,
Director of Communications, Assistant to Gary Aldrich, Former FBI Agent
The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty (1/14/03)



Sandy Frazier and her fabulous team have delivered to us a wide variety of compelling guests who have captivated the attention of our listening audience. Great guests making for super segments that go off without a hitch! Thanks, Sandy!
–Susan Cloud, Producer – The Mark Davis Show
WBAP 820AM/96.7FM – Dallas/Fort Worth


We are small town talk radio in a large market north of Atlanta GA, but we pack a punch. Sandy is skilled and extremely prompt when we need a pundit. We appreciate our relationship with Sandy Frazier in a BIG way.

 –Anna Jacobs, Producer – The Bill and Joel Morning Show, WDUN NewsTalk 550, Gainesville, GA


I really appreciate getting the email updates from Sandy and hope I stay on her list for a long time, as it is very useful. I also forward them to friends in the interview business at other radio stations around the country.

 Dave (Doc) Kirby, WTBF-AM/FM, Troy, AL


Letter To Chris Ruddy From Geoff Metcalf:

I trust you already know what a gem you have with Sandy but I want to add this to the file. I have been on both sides of the booking game for decades and Sandy is outf—ingstanding. She is as good as the best and far better than the rest. She is a great asset to you, Newsmax, and all who have the opportunity to work with her. You know I am not easily impressed by ANYone. This lady is hotsh–. Don’t ever lose her. Best,

Geoff Metcalf, Radio Host and Pundit


Sandy Frazier is a joy to work with. She understands what guest goes with what show. Pays attention to the details as well.

–Greg Allen, Radio Host/Producer, www.therightbalance.org, www.accentradio.com


You are skilled, Sandy – I can see why NewsMax has become the success it is.

–James Grisham, Producer, Sean Hannity, WABC, New York, NY


Sandy PR is going to be a dream come true for talk show hosts and I am sure other media people, too. Sandy is incredibly on top of what’s hot and what’s not so you get what you want and she gets it right. Sandy will be as good a source as Drudge Report for people like myself!

Al Rantel, Radio Talk Show Host, KABC, Los Angeles, CA


If every radio producer had a Sandy Frazier, then their frustration level would drop 70%… We all know it takes a special type of person to keep harmony within all the factors… person, place, and time… That person has to have the talent to satisfy her clients and her contacts in the media; how to keep on top of today’s stories and how to fill that last minute requests from people like me. Sandy is tops in her field.

–Chuck Wilder, Producer, George Putnam Radio Show

CRN Radio Network


If you want to get your message and/or product out there, you can’t go wrong if you turn to Sandy Frazier. She knows the PR business like the back of her hand, has a contact list that P. Diddy would envy, and makes things happen. She’s a real pro – and a great person on top of it all.

Monica Crowley, Ph.D., Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host


You are as terrific as your endorsements on the Web say you are!

Roxanne Holifield, Radio Talk Show Host

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